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FASTer Way to Fat Loss

FASTer Way to Fat Loss

Get Solutions from a FASTer Way To Fat Loss Certified Coach

The Premiere Online Fitness and Nutrition Program

FASTer Way to Fat Loss program is an Online Fitness and Nutrition Program that will empower you to transform your life through simple, effective, cutting-edge fitness and nutrition strategies.

As a certified faster way to fat loss coach, my goal is to inspire women to live a well and worthy life.


If you are ready to make a lifestyle change, sign up for my next session!

If You Are Ready To:

  • Create a sustainable lifestyle change
  • Have a community that is there to support YOU
  • Finally take time for yourself
  • Learn food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts
  • Get the baby weight off

This Program Is Perfect For You!

My Story

Right around the time I hit my 50’s I noticed I was starting to get thick around the middle. I was doing everything right (or so I thought): exercising and watching what I ate. I had put on weight before but I was always able to cut back a little bit and exercise a bit more so I could lose the weight. But my previous method didn’t seem to be working. No matter what I tried it wasn’t working for the long haul.

I decided I needed to make a change. After doing some research I saw a blogger share her results from FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I had heard about the program but didn’t understand all of the key elements the program touched upon. I decided to sign up for The FASTer Way to Fat Loss Program to see what it could do for me.

After only a couple of weeks, I learned more about Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling. Seeing the results that others were having and learning really peaked my interest.

But I still wasn’t fully convinced that FASTer way to fat loss program would work. I wanted to try the Keto Diet and ultimately decided that if I wanted to make a sustainable lifestyle change, this diet was not for me. With that, I went back to the Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling.

When I first started my blog, it was to share my experiences and information that I was learning on my wellness journey. I quickly went from a small blogger to an empowering life, nutrition , and health coach for women in Birmingham. I started drawing from the challenges of my personal life and my passion for helping others, in hopes to inspire my readers to come along the journey of self-discovery with me.

I set out to inspire women to live a well and worthy life. I wanted them to know that what they did today can affect their tomorrows.

The opportunity came along to become a FASTer Way to Fat Loss certified coach and I knew right away this was the perfect fit for me to help as many women to be the best version of themselves.

I take a personable approach and want to come alongside you on this journey. My goal is to motivate, empower and encourage you in the hopes that you live a well and worthy life.

To accomplish this goal of mine, I not only intellectually motivate people but also encourage them to adopt my faster way to fat loss meal plans so that they can have a healthy and balanced diet. I personally believe that to do any good for the family, friends or society the person has to remain fit. To help them in being fit, I give them tips through my faster way to fat loss workouts.


Deanna Pitzitz

What my Clients are Saying

  • jodi


    “At the end of the first six weeks, I noticed a big difference. I ended up losing 10lbs and 7 inches. I still have a long way to go but I am happy with my results and hope to keep improving in all areas as I begin my second round with this wonderful program!”

  • Carrie


    “The biggest win is sticking to 16/8 and not being hangry! I used to get really shaky and mean if I did not have breakfast before 9:30AM. I have also noticed progress in my waistline!”

  • Meredith


    “I have officially been doing the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for 2 weeks now, and I have seen incredible results! I really wasn’t sure how this program would work for me when I initially signed up, but I am really impressed with my progress so far.”

  • Raeann


    “As I have been doing the Faster Way to Fat Loss program I have learned how to eat according to my workouts. The intermittent fasting is something I have always done, just didn’t realize it. I have realized that my body needs the foods that I have always denied myself, such as carbs and fats. During the first 6 weeks I lost 3 lbs and 8 inches, my clothes fit better, I sleep better and have so much more energy.”

  • Joann


    “I am about one month into this program and ladies at work are commenting on “how good I look”
    I am a master at hiding my midsection, but now I am starting to want to find clothes that fit well and look good on me! I have a ways to go, but I am all in to continue on this path.

    Thanks, Deanna for being an inspirational and supportive coach! I could not be doing this without you!”

How it Works

Step 1

Purchase the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® for only $199 and immediately receive access to the program portal and training materials.

Step 2

During prep week, join a FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Facebook group with me for accountability, training, and support.

Step 3

Commit to the program nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts to transform your lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is carb cycling?

A carb cycling program is cycling your carbohydrate intake with low carb days, moderate and high carb days. This pattern can restart your metabolism and make your body begin using fat as fuel as opposed to stored up glycogen. You start seeing more energy and controlled hunger.

Q: What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is not a diet but more of a planned eating schedule. You focus on getting all of your calories/macros in a shortened “feeding window” as opposed to grazing throughout the day. At any given time, your body is either in a ‘fed’ state (digesting food) or ‘fasted’ state. When you are in a fed state, it is difficult for the body to utilize fat as fuel due to insulin levels.

Q: So I don’t eat?

WRONG! You actually eat more than what you are probably accustomed to – just on a specific schedule.

Q: Can I participate while breastfeeding?

YES! However, we may need to modify caloric intake depending on milk supply. This plan is designed to fuel you and is perfectly safe for breastfeeding moms.

Q: Do I have to have a gym membership to be a part of this program?

No. There is a beginner, gym AND home workout plans. If you choose to workout at home, it is helpful to have dumbbells (5s-20s), an exercise ball and a jump rope.

Q: Do I have to follow a strict meal plan?

I provide guidelines for each day of our food cycle as well as offer sample menus, however I do not tell you WHAT to eat but rather HOW to eat. I explain how to calculate your macros but it’s your responsibility to eat foods you enjoy!

Q: How long is this program?

You get 6 weeks with me to learn the strategies and practice them. After the 6 weeks, you will have an option to continue on with me in our membership program.

Q: Is my eating window flexible?

Absolutely! You can easily change the time of day you have your eating window based on that days activities!

Q: Can I have coffee?

You can have coffee, even with creamer, as long it is under 50 calories.

Q: Can I drink alcohol?

Yes, you can have alcohol as long as it fits in your macros for the day. I would suggest Fitvine for a lower calorie option.